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What If My Spouse Gives Me an Allowance or House Money?

There are a lot of different ways to handle money, and different couples will work on a different system. Often one person will do most of the budgeting, pay the bills and handle the majority of the day-to-day tasks that comes with managing your money. This is common. However, there may be situations where one part of the couple is using money to manipulate or control another person. If you are not the primary bread winner or if you stay at home while your spouse works, you may find yourself in... Read More >>>

Should I Plan on Having the Same Career or Should I Switch Jobs?

In the past, many people worked at the same job their entire lives. Once they found the job, they would stick with the same company and retire with a pension. This was before the ups and downs of the current market. Now it is important to plan on working for several different companies throughout the span of your career.... Read More >>>

How to Cut Your Lifestyle When You Take a Pay Cu

There may be times when you have to adjust to a cut in pay. You may decide to switch companies or careers and take a lower salary because the opportunity for growth is great. You may be forced to take a pay cut due to layoffs or because your company restricted their bonus plan. Another option is that you may want to a job with less stress, and you may be willing to take the pay cut. It may be that your first job does not pay as much as you expected. When you know your pay is going to decrease yo... Read More >>>

Financial Choices and Your Twenties

It is essential to realize how important your twenties are when it comes to your financial future. Your twenties are a time in your life when you are focused on building your career and when you can have a lot of fun. It is a common misconception that managing your money wisely means that you can not have any fun now.... Read More >>>

8 Reasons You Need an Emergency Fund

If you are struggling with every bump in the road or every unexpected expense, you may benefit from an emergency fund. Your emergency fund can protect you from all of the unexpected expenses you may encounter whether big or small. Here are eight reasons you should have an emergency fund. 1.  You Are Trying to Get Out of Debt... Read More >>>

10 Budgeting Mistakes You May Be Making

One of the reasons that many people give up on budgeting is that they can’t seem to make their budget work. Often the difficulties come from making one of these ten common budgeting mistakes.It helps to understand the mistakes and misconceptions you may have to help you get control of your money. Learn if you are making any of these mistakes and how you can fix them.  When you create your first budget, you may not know how much to assign the various categories in your budget. It helps to look ov... Read More >>>

Fix Errors on Your Credit Report

It is important to check your credit report on a regular basis to prevent identity theft and other issues. When you do this you could look for errors on your credit report. It may be an account that you do not recognize, an error in the amount that you currently owe, or late payments that were not actually late. Each of these can affect your credit score, and it is important to take the steps to clear up the mistakes as quickly as possible.... Read More >>>

How Will a Financial Plan Help Me?

Over the years, I have met with and talked to a wide variety of people about their finances. It seems there are generally two camps when it comes to finances: those who swear by their financial plans and those who do not have one. The planners tend to have every step mapped out for the next twenty to forty years with specific savings and investing goals. The ones who do not have a plan have the vague idea that things will work out for them if they put a little bit towards retirement each month.... Read More >>>

Should I Change My Dreams or My Income?

It can be difficult when you realize that you do not make enough money to make ends meet. You may make enough to cover your current commitments, but you do not make enough to do the things that you really want to in life like travel or buy a home. If you are struggling to manage an irregular income, you may be dealing with this, and not even realize it. If this is the case you need to make changes to your lifestyle and to your career choice. You may want to consider ways to increase your income.... Read More >>>

When Should I Combine Finances with My Significant Other?

When you are in a serious relationship, you may be wondering at what you need to combine your finances. There are many steps or milestones where people may consider combining their finances like moving in together, getting engaged, getting married or having a child together. There are laws set up to protect you once you are married, and so it is best to wait until you are married to fully combine your finances. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a difficult situation and can end up being hurt f... Read More >>>