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Five Steps to an Effective Financial Plan

It is important to set and reach financial goals. A long-term financial plan will help you to reach your long-term goals and give you a focus for your short-term goals.It can help you determine the order of your major life steps. This plan will vary from individual to individual and a financial advisor can help you solidify the plan, especially when you are ready to start investing. Once you are successfully following your plan you may want to consider giving back through donations or volunteeri... Read More >>>

5 Reasons You Should Start Budgeting Today

Nobody ever really wants to budget. That’s the simple truth. Budgeting is work, and is often associated with restrictions, limitations and just plain not getting what you want when you want it. There are million excuses why people choose not to budget from being too busy to somehow hoping things will work out.  You may feel like you are too poor to budget. The truth is that your budget is a great tool like a fitness tracker that can help you start winning financially. Here are five reasons you s... Read More >>>

5 Side Jobs That Are Great for College Students and Young Professional

If you need extra money when you are in school, but the idea of steady job does not appeal to you, you may want to consider some of these options. These ideas allow you to earn more than minimum wage while you work, and may have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling than other college jobs. However, the hours may not be as consistent. These ideas will also work well for young professionals who are working on paying off their debts more quickly or to build an emergency fund.... Read More >>>

I Can't Cover the Bills on My Current Income

It can be depressing and frightening to realize that you do not make enough money to cover your monthly expenses. This can happen, especially if you have overextended yourself with debt. It can be even worse, if you are being paid with a prepaid debt card with hidden fees. There are many signs that you need to earn more money. This situation requires immediate action, and you should do all that you can to turn the situation around as quickly as possible. Managing an irregular income can make it... Read More >>>

How Can I Find Money to Save in My Budget When Money Is Tight?

When money is tight, or you are trying to increase your savings, you may be looking for additional ways to save money.  Often when you are barely getting by, it seems impossible to find additional ways to save money. However, it is times like this when you need to work even harder to give yourself the extra savings you need as a cushion to cover unexpected expenses. It is so important to make saving money a priority. Here are fives ways you can save money even when money is tight.... Read More >>>

Ways to Save on Your Rent

Renting your first apartment can be exciting and scary. Depending on the rental market where you live, you may feel like you are stuck paying the prices that are advertised online or by the complex. However there are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of rent that you pay. These ideas can help you save money, until you are ready to buy your first home.... Read More >>>

Are You Financially Compatible?

When you are first starting out in a relationship, most people are trying each other out to see how compatible they really are. There are many different issues that influence whether or not a relationship is going to work. Since finances are often considered a taboo subject, you often do not realize whether or not you are financially compatible until you are ready to get married. It can be difficult to determine whether or not you can work together financially when you are still dating, and you... Read More >>>

Five Biggest Career Mistakes in Your Twenties

Your twenties is an interesting time in your career. It is likely that you will have your first “real” job with benefits at a good company when you are in your twenties. You may have a few not so great jobs, and work for free or a very low salary to get your foot in the door or to gain job experience. However, the choices you make in your twenties will affect how your career pans out over the rest of your life. It can affect the total amount that you earn since your next salary is often based lo... Read More >>>

Why Can't I Seem to Follow My Budget?

If your budget isn't working for you, you need to carefully consider a few things. Your budget may not be working for a variety of reasons, and until you figure out what they are you can't fix the problem. Your budgeting style may not match the system you have set up, or you could have other issues. These simple questions can help you to address your budgeting weaknesses that stop you from managing your money effectively. You can identify your budgeting mistakes and fix them. You may also want t... Read More >>>

Surviving Being Underemployed

One of the most frustrating situations can occur when you are not getting paid what you are worth. Many people settle on a job out of college to gain experience and stay with it, even if they are not being paid to use all of their skills. This is a common, but serious career mistake. During difficult economic times many people settle for jobs that pay less than they would normally just to have a steady source of income. You may be ready to move on to a new job right now.... Read More >>>