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5 Financial Signs That You Might Want to Rethink Your Relationship

Financial issues can put a big strain on your relationship, and it is important that both people be completely honest going into a relationship. It is also important that you never fully combine finances until you are married. There is too much risk involved if you split up and the law can help you work through that if you are going through a divorce, but it is too hard to do if you are just breaking off a long-term relationship. These are some warning signs that you may need to visit a relation... Read More >>>

7 Ways to Stop Dipping Into Your Savings Account

When money is tight, it is easy to dip into your savings account to help you over the rough spots during the month. However, you may find that your savings is not actually growing, and it can be difficult to see any progress. Usually this means you are having issues with your budget or planning. Here are seven ways you can stop dipping into your savings account each month.... Read More >>>

What is envelope budgeting?

Question: What is envelope budgeting?... Read More >>>

Don't Miss These Essential Budget Worksheets

Want to create a budget? These budget worksheets will walk you through your finances with detailed, step-by-step instructions. You'll be able to list your income, break down all your expenses and rank your savings goals.... Read More >>>

11 Ways Budgeting Can Improve Your Lif

Living without a budget is similar to traveling across the country without a roadmap. While both can be accomplished, the result is usually expensive and wasteful. The household budget lists every anticipated expense in major categories that can be directly tied to actual expenditures. Many people view the use of a budget as restraining and remedial, but most wealthy people have grown their financial wealth through the use of a strict budget.... Read More >>>

Top 10 Budget Software Apps

Budgeting software helps you create and stick to a spending plan and usually has other personal finance features for managing your money. This list highlights the ten best budgeting software choices for Mac, Windows or online. 1.  You Need A Budget 4 (YNAB)... Read More >>>


First Step to Financial Success Personal financial planning consists of three general activities:... Read More >>>

8 Tips for Choosing Budget Software

Use budget software to make setting up and managing a personal budget easier. This software makes budgeting faster and more accurate because income and expense transactions are entered for each of your financial accounts, then the software tells you over time how much was spent in each spending category. You'll get warnings if you're close to going over your budget, too. 1.  Flexible Budget Categories... Read More >>>

Find the Right Budgeting System for You

It is one thing to sit down and write down your budget on a piece of paper and another thing to execute it successfully. If you feel like you have a workable budget, but you have problems executing it each month, then you may need to rethink your budgeting system. YOu need to understand your budgeting style to find the best system for you. A budget needs to be tracked every day, so you know how much you have left in each category at all times. There are several tools you can use in conjunction w... Read More >>>

Managing Money - Budget Basics

For most people, the word “budget” conjures up thoughts of penny-pinching and the unpleasant task of crunching numbers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A budget is at the cornerstone of a solid financial foundation, regardless of your situation, and it isn’t that hard to do.... Read More >>>