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3 Traits for Budgeting Success

Creating a budget isn't incredibly difficult, but where most people fail is trying to maintain the budget. It usually starts with good intentions, but just like dieting, it doesn’t take much to derail your entire plan. Here are three traits you must posses if you want to create and maintain a successful budget.... Read More >>>

Examine the Roots of Overspending

To build wealth and reach financial independence, you simply need to spend less than you earn. It is an easy concept to understand, but why is it so difficult? To answer this question, you need to examine the roots of overspending. When you know what factors drive your spending, you can fight back and save money so that you can spend less than you earn.... Read More >>>

Budget Isn't a Bad Word

When you hear the word “budget”, what does it mean do you? If you’re like most people, you probably think of it as an unpleasant activity that means you have to financially deprive yourself. This couldn’t be further from the truth, yet this is the typical reason that most budgets fail.... Read More >>>

Financial Rules of Thumb

Everyone has a unique situation, and there are no concrete financial numbers that define success, but there are some rules of thumb that can help you gauge your progress. While following these rules won’t guarantee success, they will put you on the right track.... Read More >>>

How To Budget Annual Spending

Question: Monthly expenses are easy enough to budget for, but how do you budget for all of those expenses (car insurance, dental cleanings, etc.) that hit once or twice a year?... Read More >>>

5 Budgeting Tips for Life on a Fluctuating Income

Nobody likes money struggles, and when you work as a sales agent, money comes in fits and starts. The lack of consistency can make budgeting difficult if you're not careful and don't plan ahead. Here are some budgeting tips for professionals with fluctuating income to help survive any market season:... Read More >>>

How to Create a Workable Personal Budget

If you made some financial resolutions for the new year, good for you. Knowing something needs to be addressed is always the first step in kicking your personal finances into shape. Unfortunately, however, it's not the toughest step. Whether you want to tackle credit card debt, save for a down payment on a house, or simply scale back your discretionary purchases, you're going to have to start by creating and following a budget. The best way to make money management decisions is to start from a p... Read More >>>

7 Tips for Successfully Organizing Your Finances

Organizing your finances may seem like a dull task, but it's the best possible way to determine whether you're following a sound budget that's designed to help you meet your financial goals. Set aside a few hours for the project, and dive into your accounts. It may seem daunting, but once the work is done, you'll feel uncluttered and ready to tackle your future.... Read More >>>

7 Budgeting Tips for Self-Employed Freelancers

I recently made the transition from a traditional career to full-time freelance work. Along with adjusting to being my own boss and employee at once, it required revamping my time management strategy, working harder to maintain my physical health, and getting used to sitting in front of a computer all day long. Perhaps the most challenging adjustment, however, was learning to manage my budget. Once you get a taste of life as a full-time freelancer, you're not likely to ever want to return to a t... Read More >>>

7 Things To Consider Before Booking An All-Inclusive Vacation

It’s summertime and the living is easy.  Or at least it seems that way until you realize that planning a summer vacation is not going to be so easy on the wallet.  Millions of people work hard all year in order to afford a nice summer vacation, only to be discouraged once they are faced with the high costs of transportation, lodging, food, beverages, and the myriad “extras” that can quite literally add hundreds of dollars to every trip.... Read More >>>