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How to Build a Good Credit Score in College

The college years can be a good time time to start building a good credit score. Building a good credit score early can make it easier to get established in the real world once you graduate. You’ll need a good credit score to purchase a house or car or even to rent an apartment. Many employers consider credit history, not necessarily your credit score; so good credit is often necessary for getting your first real job. Be aware that there's a downside to trying to build your credit score while yo... Read More >>>

7 Mobile Apps for Managing Your Credit

Smartphones make life so much easier. Entertainment and productivity apps get a lot of buzz and financial apps don’t get nearly enough shine. If you’re looking for easier ways to stay on top of your credit and debt, here are seven apps you should download.... Read More >>>

8 Things College Graduates Should Know About Credit

After you've earned the credits you need to earn your college degree, a new kind of credit becomes important. This kind of credit will affect you for the rest of your life; it will influence your ability to get certain goods and services before paying for them with the expectation that you'll make payment in the future.... Read More >>>

What to Expect From a Credit Check

When you apply for certain types of products or services, you may learn that you have to go through a “credit check” before your application can be approved. If you’ve never gone through this process before, you may not fully understand what goes into a credit check or how it affects your outcome.... Read More >>>